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Posted by Pas at 14/04/2023



I need help from people who live in US.

I need to find out according this car plates /registration 7SBY164 where is this place, where the car is parked, which town in USA. Any info about this town or place will be more than welcome. If you have any information about this car/home address, or location please contact me and send this info to my e mail The brand of the car is NISSAN ALTIMA . The car is registered in CALIFORNIA. This car may or may not belong to the person that I am looking for but is parked in a front of his home. Car is used only to locate the person on the photo.

Also if anybody recognize this person on the photo and know his real name it will be very helpful

On the internet he is using fake name alias /Alex Lujan J./ but that is not he’s real name. He harmed many persons claiming fake copyright ownership and because of him many YouTube channel were taken down. To take a legal action against this person I need his real identity. Thank you