Posted by Pas at 03/06/2016


All my three channels are removed according to violation of the youtube services according to multiply complaints of the youtube community. Isn’t that interesting. I uploaded my new video and I received the message that something is wrong  with my network connection. I had all kind of restrictions on my channel. After I post last video, all my channels were off – all three of them. So I open a new one, .. but this time you can watch video only on my web page so I will have full controll over the number of the views. I had 6000 subscribers and barely 1500 views in the best match. I get all kind of restrictions, last one was limitation of my videos till 15 minutes, they kill possibility that I can made live event, I hardly reach 99$ last month from the commercials/adds , while my college makes few 100’s of dollars with half less subscribers, and instead that I earn something and that  I don’t have to ask for donations I earned 67 cents in three months on my Igor Kostelac channel and 40 cents on my IKEEPS earthquake channels

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